the barnum brown SOCIETY

Help bring the prehistoric world alive at the Museum at Prairiefire by joining The Barnum Brown Society! Your unique membership will provide the support needed to make our MISSION a reality:

The Museum of Prairiefire Foundation (Museum at Prairiefire) is committed to innovative learning in science, the arts and natural history. Through a founding collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, as well as with other cultural and educational institutions in the nation, the Museum at Prairiefire (MAP) is a place that provides ACCESS FOR ALL to understand and celebrate natural history and science in our region and around the world.

The MAP engages visitors and students of all ages with world-class exhibitions, important programming, and provides significant educational and STEAM opportunities for underserved children through KC Urban Advantage.

ADOPT A T. rex

Adopt one of Tyrannosaurus rex's fossils and your membership to The Barnum Brown Society is official! When you adopt a T. rex fossil at the MAP, you will belong to a very exclusive club as the only person, family or company with adoption rights to that particular fossil. You will be recognized as a Founding Member of The Barnum Brown Society and receive an official certificate. You, your family, or company will be featured in a permanent interactive display of The Barnum Brown Society's "Adopt a T. rex" program inside the Great Hall.  Adoptions will go fast, click HERE to view adoption options.