"Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground." Theodore Roosevelt

Our Mission

Through a unique collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, as well as with other cultural and educational institutions, the Museum at Prairiefire is a place to understand and celebrate natural history and culture in our region and around the world.  The Museum engages visitors and area students with world-class exhibitions, important programming, and significant educational opportunities.

As the only building in the United States to feature Dichroic Glass developed by NASA, the Museum at Prairiefire’s exterior is as unique as what it holds inside.

We are rooted in a fierce, prehistoric past.

Kansas has a special place in the study of natural history. Once covered by a shallow sea 80 million years ago, Kansas has provided a treasure trove's worth of specimens ranging from the colossal Mosasaurus that stalked the Western Inland Sea to the graceful Pteranodon that flew above it. But while ancient marine and flying reptiles have helped shape our region's geologic history no accomplishment could surpass that of one of its own native sons: Barnum Brown. 

While digging at the Hell Creek Formation in Southeastern Montana, the American Museum of Natural History's top dinosaur hunter came across the dinosaur that the world would soon call king: Tyrannosaurus rex. Brown's discovery led to an explosion of public obsession with the creature and intensified research into dinosaurs over the next century. 

The Museum at Prairiefire was founded on the principle of celebrating this rich natural history of paleontology and geology in Kansas. Through a collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Museum at Prairiefire features exhibitions, programs and specimens from our region and around the world, including an original cast of Barnum Brown's groundbreaking discovery - Tyrannosaurus rex, King of the dinosaurs. 


  • American Museum of Natural History Exhibitions.
  • ALIVE Dinosaur Experience.
  • The Discovery Room for children and their caregivers.
  • The Barnum Brown T. rex and Paleo Gallery.